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Justly eminent for its exquisite lakeside location, Zürich is the wealth management capital of the world. Encompassing a wealth of gourmet dining venues, fine art galleries and luxury surroundings, Zürich is a cultural hub for the worlds élite.

Long synonymous with wealth management and private banking, Zürich has developed to a global financial powerhouse.

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The Wealth Management Capital of the World & Prolific High Culture

Long synonymous with wealth management and private banking, Zürich has developed to a global financial powerhouse. The reformation of 1519 opened a new chapter in the history of Zürich, and Zürich’s Old Town is a fascinating place in which to become acquainted with the city’s multifaceted medieval past. Dominated by imposing medieval architecture, the twelfth-century Romanesque-style Grossmunster cathedral is one of the most recognisable architectural landmarks in Zürich, however, the historical highlight of the Old Town is the Fraumünster, a gothic church dating back more than one-thousand years, which started life as a Benedictine abbey.

Famed for its soaring spire and stunning frescoes, the Fraumünster is an amalgamation of modern and ancient architecture, most recently distinguished for its twentieth-century stained glass windows which were installed in 1970 by modernist master Marc Chagall. Zürich encompasses an intriguing artistic history, and attracted many illustrious writers, artists and composers during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Dada art movement was famously born in Zürich in 1916, when a group of maverick European intellectuals began to express anti-war reactions through various art forms and performances in the Cabaret Volaire nightclub on Spiegelgasse.

Enhanced by a prolific expansion in arts and high culture, the residents of Zürich enjoy one of the best qualities of life you’ll find anywhere in the world. Zürich boasts a multitude of cultivated museums and galleries to explore, however, the most prestigious gallery in the city is the Kunsthaus art gallery, renowned as one of the best art galleries in the world. Housing an extensive collection of fine art from fifteenth century religious iconography to modern masterpieces by the likes of Dali, Hockney, Cezanne, Monet, Gaugh and Picasso, the Kunsthaus gallery represents artistic periods from medieval times but focuses largely on nineteenth and twentieth-century art work. Highlights of the gallery include two of Monet’s famous Water Lillies paintings, the largest collection of Edvard Munch’s work outside Norway and a captivating collection of Dadaist pieces.

A full and varied cultural calendar keeps Zürich at the forefront of European culture, and the annual Zürich Festival is a highly anticipated, four week-long event which celebrates the refined cultural diversity of the city. Offering an extensive programme that includes art, theatre, contemporary dance, ballet, opera and literature showcases, Zürich Opera House, Schauspielhaus, Tonhalle-Orchestra and Kunsthaus devise a riveting programme animated by a common theme. Providing the perfect summer meeting of the arts, this lively festival is a must-visit event for Zürich and its visitors, inviting audiences to visit its most prominent artistic institutions and take a fresh look at themes and areas of its expanding cultural repertoire.

Shopping in Zürich is one of the foremost attractions of the city, and the general affluence means that the sophisticated choice of stores in Zürich is always a pleasure to browse. Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most elegant and expensive shopping avenues in the world; famous for its exclusive selection of luxury and international brands, here you can peruse the 1.2 kilometre long promenade to buy the finest jewellery, watches and designer fashion.

Spirited Nightlife

Serene and conservative by day, after dark Zürich encompasses spirited nightlife; inviting you to experience the city’s more irreverent side. Club Diagonal is part of the Bar au Lac Hotel and features lavishly furnished rooms with amazing views across the lake. Renowned as one of the most popular clubs in Zürich, the dress code is ‘elegant’, so you can guarantee to be surrounded by stylish company in this fashionable club.

The inspiration for the Club Indochine is ‘Paris meets the Orient’, and the glamorous interior of the club makes you feel as if you are partying on a movie set. Set across two floors, the young and beautiful of Zürich can be found revelling on the dance floors and relaxing in the lounge areas well into the early hours.

Kronenhalle Bar is dripping with luxury, and the billiard green drapery, dark-green Saffian leather upholstery and dark mahogany panelling give the room a distinctly decadent ambience. A crew of master bartenders serve up the most delectable drinks, and in attracting the most high-profile and fashionable guests in Zürich, Kronenhalle Bar remains the place to see and be seen.

Famous for its great live concerts and parties, Moods im Sciffbau is one of Zürich’s most significant cultural and social institution. The perfect place to see and hear top-class musicians, the stylish bar enables musicians and fans alike to mingle well into the night.

Global Finesse

Zürich’s global finesse is represented none more so than by the plethora of gourmet restaurants serving world-class international gastronomy. Widely considered one of the finest dining venues in Switzerland, if not the whole of mainland Europe, the award-winning reputation of Rico’s Kunststuben attracts the wealthiest gourmets of Zürich and boasts an impressive list of celebrity guests. Located in the lakeside town of Küsnacht, occupying a building that was once an art gallery, the restaurant specialises in serving creative French cuisine in an elegant dining setting.

At The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand, high-class cuisine, fine wines and opulent surroundings create a stunning fine dining experience. With a light, modern menu, Chef Heiko Nieder fuses an unusual spectrum of flavours to offer experimental dishes which are served with stylish simplicity. The opulent dining room features an elaborate nineteenth century ceiling complimented by shimmering chandeliers, metallic walls and a carefully curated selection of paintings.

Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund is a welcoming and stylish restaurant run by Chef Hans-Peter Hussong and his wife. Reputed for its excellent service and warm hospitality, the restaurant serves exquisite French dishes that surprise with new impulses and intense tastes. In summer the cuisine is best enjoyed in the beautiful garden under the shade of magnificent trees, surrounded by fragrant herbs.

Exalted Standards of Luxury

Pursuant to Zürich’s reputation as one of the world’s most superior cities, top hotels in Zürich are famed for encompassing exalted standards of luxury. The Baur au Lac Hotel is known as the grand dame of Zürich and accommodates many celebrity and royal guests within its private park on the lake shore. From its unique setting overlooking the lake and the Alps, the hotel is still only minutes’ from the Bahnhofstrasse, placing it in a perfect location from which to explore the city. The rooms offer the ultimate in traditional comfort, luxury and privacy, yet the subtle technical refinements ensure the highest standard of modern design and facilities.

Rooms at the Savoy Baur en Ville Hotel reflect the quintessence of elegance, understatement and comfort, enabling guests to enjoy a peaceful stay in the heart of Zürich. With three top-class restaurants to choose from and a range of rooms available for conferences and meetings, the Savoy Baur en Ville is an ideal hotel for business and leisure visits.

The Dolder Grand is fairytale hotel with romantic turrets and lavishly decorated interior. Providing a picturesque retreat for exclusivity and relaxation, the hotel boasts an impressive spa which covers four-thousand square meters as well as generous banqueting and seminar facilities and a remarkable art collection to admire. Elevated above the city centre, the front rooms and suites of the hotel look out across the lake and Alps beyond and reveal magnificent views of the city.