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Zonda Roadster F – The coupe’s younger sister


Having inherited the “genetic heritage” of its sister coupe version, Zonda Roadster F displays a folding roof with the central part in carbon fiber and the lower part in canvas. As the natural surface carbon fiber, the smooth leather and anodized finishes spark the driver’s emotion, this supercar reveals the true character of the Italian GT, which has the sheer privilege of parading elegantly along the esplanade of Monte Carlo or screeching its tyres across the Le Mans racing circuit with the same sensuality, aggressive design and mesmeric beauty.

Manufacturer Pagani
Model Zonda Roadster F
Type Convertible
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Engine 7.3L V12
Year 2006
EUR 1,000,000

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Even during open-top cruising, this supercar makes no compromises in terms of maximum speed – a result accomplished by means of improved aerodynamic properties and the rigid chassis with increased bending and torsional rigidity.

Improvements include, among other things: development of specific reinforcing elements in the door sill area and tank area; specifically designed roll bars, also serving a structural function at the chassis frame level, and lastly, high-modulus 3-way carbon fiber composites.

The Zonda Roadster F, which weighs pretty much the same as the coupe version, clearly testifies to the great success of the Pagani team in terms of the aesthetical-functional improvements made, having achieved a 7:29 lap time on the Nürburgring racetrack (only a few seconds behind the Clubsport version).

Top Speed 345 km/h
650 Bhp
0-100 km/h 3.6 seconds
Mid Engine
Rear Wheel-drive
Mercedes-Benz AMG engine
Brembo Brake Discs
Central Carbon Fiber Chassis
Hydraulic Power Brakes
Edition Limited to 25


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