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Zonda Roadster – Elegant, personal and fast


Elegantly appointed according to client’s demand, the Zonda Roadster allows the lucky owner to personalize each detail according to his/her taste, from the careful selection of materials, such as the aluminium and carbon fibre finishes, to the sophisticated and exclusive interior in fine leather entirely processed and hand-sewn by master artisans.

Manufacturer Pagani
Model Zonda Roadster
Type Convertible
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Engine 7.3L V12
Year 2003
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Encased in a molybdenum-chrome frame, the Mercedes-Benz AMG 7.3 engine is able to spark off all of its 555 hp and 750 Nm torque, even during open top driving. This result is mostly achieved thanks to the new central monocoque structure made entirely of carbon that allows optimum structural rigidity in terms of torsional and bending strength, for a dry weight of 1280 Kg.

Top Speed 320 km/h
555 Bhp
0-100 km/h 3.7 seconds
Mid Engine
Rear Wheel-drive
Mercedes-Benz AMG engine
ABS Brakes
Edition Limited to 40
Carbon Fiber Chassis


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