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Zenith, Abu Dhabi


Zenith nightclub is the oldest and one of the hottest nightlife destinations within the ultra stunning city of Abu Dhabi. Zenith is the in-house club nestled within the opulent Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort, offering luxury clubbing for the city’s cosmopolitan population.

Zenith attracts some of the most exclusive guests, from celebrities to world famous figures, perfect for a truly unforgettable night. Abu Dhabi has an extensive number of nightclubs on offer; but Zenith is one like no other.


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Zenith is one of Abu Dhabi’s top nightlife destinations, where guests experience the unique and famed concept of glamorous themed events each night. Favourites include Arabian nights, salsa nights and the popular ladies’ night, creating the perfect buzz for guests to immerse themselves with each lavish evening theme. Zenith offers guests the chance to dance the night away to the best R&B and House music with world-renowned DJs. Guests are treated to the most innovative cocktails from a creative and interesting cocktail menu.

“Zenith is far more than just a place to drink and dance, it is a dazzling and stunningly designed destination.”

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