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Your own piece of Paradise Private Island

Throughout the long calendar of the year, it is common and widely accepted that we all grow tired and fatigued with the monotonous hustle and bustle of everyday living and inevitably the need for some form of escapism makes itself known.

Respite takes many contrasting forms through Holiday destinations, so it is crucial to weigh out the options at your disposal. With this in mind, it may be fitting to sample a handful of the most reclusive, exotic and best kept secrets of the elite jet setting circuit.

Rest assured that permission to alight upon such locations cannot be permitted through an average and run-of-the-mill travel agents; and the owners of these geographical marvels know a thing or two about luxurious hideaway’s.

Consider The Skorpios Islands which lie adrift of Greece’s western coast. Sharing the same sweltering temperatures with its ever popular neighbouring nation, The Skorpios is densely populated by deserted beach land and surrounding picturesque waters. Giorgio Armani swooped in with a succesful bid, around the amount of €190,000,000 in September 2010.

The Italian fashion mogul emerged victorious after overseeing fierce competition from several billionaire figures, Roman Abramavich, Madonna and Bill Gates to name but a few. A brief glare at the Island’s synopsis educates you as to what all the fuss was really about. T

his location, moreover the unrelenting beauty in solitude of the place, provides a select few premises which are entitled The Pink Houses. These Houses possess surprisingly flourished, albeit well maintained gardens and these bring about a different atmosphere to that of the secluded beach and forested areas. Although a contradiction in terms, this remote Island also caters for visitors who seek to remain active for the duration of their stay.

A wealth of leisure facilities can be used at your very convenience, with golf courses and tennis courts competing for your attention.

If your desired whereabouts is in a different continent, then read carefully on. Little Halls Pond Cay, in The Bahamas is the heavenly vacation abode of Pirates of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp.

His haven was purchased in 2004 for the somewhat humble fee of $3.6,000,000. Depp’s exclusive family retreat is empowered by eco-friendly means, and relies on The Caribbean’s rich source of sunshine to do so. Little Halls Pond Cay functions as a hiding place from the pestering paparazzi for Mr Depp and certifies its own status as one of the planet’s most isolated getaways.

Now unto surely the most extravagant in gestures of appreciation. Michael Schumacher, perhaps the single most celebrated formula one driver of all time, was amazingly offered ‘Island in The World’, by Dubai’s crown Prince as a retirement present.

This gift was part and parcel of development enterprise Nakeel’s innovative ‘World Project’, consisting of 300 man-manufactured isles; Schumacher’s plot was originally tallied to the value of $7,000,000. However, this was before the further industrial progression of the place as it now flexes a palatial penthouse and manicured garden terrace to match.

The momentum of this trend shows no signs of halting, and The Personal Paradise Island is rapidly becoming a must have possession for the most aspiring, accomplished and generally affluent beings around.


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