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Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund, Zurich


Situated in the beautiful rural village of Uetikon, that can be found only a few kilometers from the vibrant city of Zurich, Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund is a restaurant that is celebrated as a charming retreat for all of its discerning guests.

The picturesque restaurant that is home to the successful collaboration of married couple Chef Hans-Peter Hussong, and restaurant manager Ines Hussong, serves creative and refined European cuisine to complement the continental décor. Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund provides a service that is so hospitable it feels like a home away from home.

Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund

  • Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund
  • Reservations
  • +41 (44) 920 63 60

The refreshingly traditional restaurant allows guests to choose from a selection of the finest tasting or à la carte menus that include freshly sourced vegetables and herbs from the restaurant’s own garden. Innovative dishes are plated artistically; a treat for all the senses.

Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund, is a delightfully modest restaurant. However the dishes that it serves are far from modest, but are extraordinary, and combined with the impeccable but also warm service, Wirtschaft Zum Wiesengrund provides for a truly pleasing experience for all visiting guests.

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