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VP Bank – The Evolution of the Asian Family Office Market

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Posted September 28, 2014 by GC Privé Web Admin in Insights

The VP Bank / University of St. Gallen report on Family Offices in Asia aims to provide comprehensive insights into the current status and development potential of the emerging Asian market for Family Office solutions.

The following research questions established the parameters of this report:

– Who are the potential clients for Family Offices in the Asian markets and what are their characteristics with respect to the demand for Family Office solutions?

– What are the current Family Office models in the Asian market in terms of structure as well as service offerings, and how do they differ from the European and U.S.American Family Office concepts?

– What are the determinants that shape the future development of the Asian Family Office market and how will this market evolve up to 2015?

Motivated by the fact that the Asian Family Office market is still evolving and that existing Family Offices are few in number and difficult to identify (cp. for example WHARTON, 2008, which subsumes Asia to the rest of the world), our research relied on qualitative methods. We therefore focused mainly on an expert panel survey, which was conducted on the basis of a standardized questionnaire consisting of open-ended questions. In addition, our research was extended by secondary literature.

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