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Victoria Christian: The Muse Behind ‘V’, Clive Christian’s Latest Perfume

Victoria-Christian-High-ResClive Christian, the revered creator of ‘The World’s Most Expensive Perfume’ has delved into his ‘Private Collection’ for the laucnh of his most personal release to date: ‘V’.

Named after his daughter, and Brand Ambassador, Victoria, Clive has bottled his appreciation for his daughter’s contribution to his company in the best way he knows how. V for men and V for Women tells a loving story behind a father and daughter who share the same passion for Perfume.

Victoria’s love for Perfume began at the age of four when she and her father discovered something very special hidden beneath a loose floorboards in their family home. Lifting the floorboard, the two unearthed an origianl bottle from the Crown Perfumery – one of Britain’s oldest Perfumery Houses – to whom Queen Victoria granted the use of her crown in 1872 as a symbol of excellence.

The bottle remained as a house treasure for 15 years until the late 1990s, when Clive, strolling through the Burlington Arcade one day, came across the Crown Perfumery store. Guided by the discovery of this historic company and spurred on by his daughter, Clive took the reins of the company and set about reinstating it to its position as a generic of the British luxury industry—a position it once held during the reign of Queen Victoria.

He began creating only Pure Perfumes with complex formulae that used rare and precious ingredients in their most concentrated form—principles derived from the luxury Perfume world of the 1800s, yet timeless enough to still be relevant for Perfume connoisseurs of the present day.

Without a second thought, Victoria gave up a career in the theatre (having studied ballet and performing arts in Covent Garden) to work at her father’s side. Now, as Brand Ambassador, nobody can read the Clive Christian Perfumes better than Victoria. Victoria was present at the launch of her father’s revered Definitive Collection—which revitalised the niche luxury Perfume industry – right up to the recent granting of Clive’s OBE for his ‘Services to the Luxury Goods Industry’.

It seems only natural then that when ‘V’ for Women and ‘V’ for Men are worn by a man and woman together, they work harmoniously in tribute to each other, symbolic of Clive and Victoria’s working and personal relationship. Both are bound in their quest for uncompromising standards, much like the Perfumes themselves.

“I am honoured to say my father has chosen to name the next chapter in his ‘Private Collection’ after me. But I cannot claim absolute inspiration. I am of course named after Queen Victoria, who granted the House the use of her Crown in 1872. ‘V’ marks a fitting tribute to the origins of this British perfumery” – Victoria Christian.

Upon smelling, and wearing, ‘V’ by Clive Christian, it becomes clear why the Clive Christian House still deserves to wear that famous golden crown

‘V’ for Men is a Woody-Oriental in which Frankincense, the most important aromatic incense since antiquity, leads the hallmark intensity of precious Woods and Resins. The Pink, White and Black Pepper is interlocked at the core to evoke the ardent vitality of a brave Perfume that brims with absolute masculinity.

‘V’ for Women is a White Floral Chypre where Orange Blossom, traditionally associated with joy and betrothal, is embraced by Rose and Jasmine. Entwined with soothing Chamomile and sensual Lavender, the spirit of this romantic Perfume brims with utter femininity.


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