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Veli Café Kanahura, Maldives


Veli Café is a cosy romantic restaurant nestled in the impressive Kanahura resort, set in a stunning location at the very northern tip of the luxurious Maldives Island. The romantic restaurant is known for its creative Asian Fusion cuisine and its spectacular beachside location. Diners can enjoy their dinner overlooking the picturesque lagoon and reef.

Veli Café ensures candlelit romance upon the shores of the beautiful Indian Ocean, with its elegantly decorated timber tables and its subtle beachside desk crowned by indigenous palm trees.

Veli Café Kanahura

  • Veli Café Kanahura
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  • +960 662 0044

Veli Café offers light snacks, smoothies, desserts and treats. The restaurant also provides an extensive selections of fruity and luxurious wines, alongside the freshest seafood and locally sourced ingredients, to create a memorable, romantic and exquisite dining experience. The chef also ensures that Thai ingredients create a fusion Maldives cuisine that will satisfy every palette.

Guests can enjoy a starlit dining experience sampling desserts inspired by the produce of the region. Veli Café is the perfect place to enjoy a Maldives sunset at the end of a long, sun filled day.

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