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Valentines Diamond Red Velvet Cupcake for £34,000

With Valentines day just a few days away can you think of a better way to declare your love to that someone extra special than by proposing in style with a luxurious diamond red velvet cupcake? No? we thought not so here we give you the low down on the ultimate in luxury Valentines day affair!

The cupcake to end all cupcakes is a modestly delicious red velvet sponge with a cream top, oh and just in case we forgot to mention an 8 carat diamond engagement ring! Coming in at a staggering £34,000 the new diamond red velvet cupcake is one of the worlds most expensive cakes.

The scrumptious luxury concoction was brought to fruition by a company called Cupcake Gourmet who partnered with Warwick Jewelers to create the spectacular sweet delight. So if your thinking of proposing this Valentines day GC Privé most certainly recommend the diamond red velvet cupcake because let be honest fellas what lady could possibly resist?

Oh and ladies may we just add that though we are well aware its a leap year and that its custom for us girls to propose we feel that with gifts like this on offer it would be rude not to let the guys pop the question!



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