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Uniquely tailored skin therapy by Nataliya Robinson

Walking into Nataliya Robinson’s exclusive clinic in her Hampstead Heath home is similar to walking into an oasis of calm amongst the chaos of central London. The decor pays homage to old-school silver screen glamour and provides the perfect setting for the ultimate luxury indulgence.

Nataliya’s treatments are uniquely tailored to each client, after a full skin analysis and a discussion of dietary habits and lifestyle. My treatment with Nataliya was the European facial which began by cleansing my face with a Lipid Replacing Gel followed by a Cocoa Enzyme Mask to exfoliate away dead skin cells.

Crystal-free microdermabrasion was then used on my nose, forehead and chin to remove any dead skin before extraction. The microdermabrasion was a strange yet pleasant experience, with Nataliya using what I can only describe as a small vacuum cleaner to remove my dead skin!

Following this, Nataliya proceeded to perform extractions of comedones. Extraction is never the best part of a facial but Nataliya was gentle and followed it up with a soothing lotion containing herbal extracts.

The next treatment was completely new to me. Nataliya used a high frequency multi-functional tool to dry and close my pores after extraction. The high frequency tool seemed to shoot very small electric shocks through my skin and left it tingling a good while afterwards!

To calm my skin and detoxify it after the high frequency, Natliya performed a facial lymphatic massage, which was massively indulgent and extremely relaxing. A green tea mask was then applied to my face and finally, Nataliya used a Vitamin C Reversal Serum and SPF 30 cream to boost the immunity of my skin.

Nataliya followed a career in beauty after suffering from acne from the ages of 13-25 and opened her London clinic 8 years ago. Although specialising in Acne treatments, deep cleansing and face-lift massage, she continues to add to her wealth of experience, which includes Naturopathic nutrition; Indian Champissage and Ayurvedic massage to provide clients with an answer to their every skincare need.


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