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Ultraviolet, Shanghai


Ultraviolet is a unique concept restaurant bringing a modern and individual twist to Shanghai dining. Opened in 2012, this restaurant has gone from strength to strength, uniting food with multi-sensorial technology to create a fully immersive dining experience.

Located in an unconventional factory setting, Ultraviolet brings together Old and New Shanghai, to deliver “a story in 20 courses”.

At Ultraviolet, dinner unfolds as a sensory play choreographed by chef Paul Pairet and his team. With no decor, the food is instead complimented by multisensory high end technology.


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The dining room is dressed by lights, music, scents and imagination. With LED floor strips, pin projectors, UV bulbs, table projectors, tracking shape recognition and infrared cameras, the restaurant immerses the diner within an out of this world experience.

Ultraviolet’s 20 course meals are experimental, avant-garde and highly sought after. Each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere, and the restaurant’s aim is to entertain, to challenge, to immerse the “psycho-taste”, and to celebrate the dining experience. Chef Pairet challenges preconceived ideas and expectations, and whilst dinner may begin with just one bite dishes, they graduate towards a “pivotal moment” culinary experience, before returning towards dishes of diminishing sizes. Being one of a kind, Ultraviolet is a completely unique dining experience.

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