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UBS Philanthropy Compass

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Posted October 13, 2014 by GC Privé Editor in Insights

There is no single true path to philanthropy; it is as individual and unique as every person, driven by their passions, skills and ambitions for society.

What is common to all, though, are the questions that guide philanthropists and which they ask themselves along the way.

This companion asks the key questions any philanthropist should consider to shape their philanthropy. It guides you through them in a logical sequence intended to trigger and structure thinking, whether you are new to the field or a seasoned philanthropist reviewing previous assumptions.

We have designed this handbook as a working tool, a discussion starter, which ultimately can help individuals and organizations find their own answers. We produced this handbook with our partners FSG and Cass Business School in 2011.

In our experience of advising UHNW clients all around the world, the handbook truly unfolds its full potential when brought to life by a qualified philanthropy advisor who can tailor its content to an individual’s needs and circumstances and enrich it with examples and essential insights. Indeed we have found over the last few years, this material has proved essential for our clients time and time again.

As a bank that has been widely recognized as a global reference for UHNW philanthropy our commitment to the sector extends beyond advisory. We believe we have a duty to contribute to the development of the philanthropic and social sectors overall, so that together we can have a larger positive impact in our societies. We therefore believe it is important to share this
handbook with the wider philanthropic community.

The UBS Philanthropy Compass has played a very important role in assisting our clients to realize their philanthropic aspirations. We hope by the same token that you will find it an invaluable guide to inform your work and help you reach your objectives.

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