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Tuscany Corner Expands Organic Product Line with Olive Oil and Sweet Honey

Tuscany Corner is the standard for the finest quality of authentic Italian products, with an expansive line of organic delicacies ranging from ragu, pasta, savoury jellies, delectable cheeses and fine wine that are the epitome of Tuscan cooking. The company is now broadening its selection to include a new olive oil and sweet honey.

“Cuisine varies from region to region in Italy, and fresh, locally sourced ingredients are used to create dishes that are full of flavour. We have used what nature has bestowed upon our beautiful estate and have sympathetically produced a sophisticated range of organic, Italian ingredients that people can use in harmony with each other to create delicious, genuine Tuscan dishes in their home for friends and family,” commented Cristina Antonini, a representative for the country estate.

The new products, likewise created in the Tuscan estate ‘La Tenuta,’ offer the best in the classic Mediterranean diet, and is a perfect match for those conscious about the source and quality of the food they purchase. Its new Uccellina-branded olive oil is characterised by a mild, fresh and slightly fruity flavour, perfect for cooking with, serving as an accompaniment, or complementing a range of dishes.

Its new sweet honey is made from the bees in the estate. Pale gold in colour with a thick but not set consistency, this new Tuscany Corner honey is pleasing on the palate and absolutely organic.


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