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Trivial Pursuit Family Edition, Enjoy some quality family time revealing your inner genius

The world’s greatest question master, Trivial Pursuit, is proud to present the Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. Now including questions for both adults and children, there is also the chance to win a wedge on every turn, resulting in an even speedier game play.

Enjoy some quality family time and exercise your inner genius with the 2,400 new questions to be answered.
Play Trivial Pursuit either individually or in teams, kids against adults, boys against girls or totally mix it up. The perfect game for family get-togethers – bringing constant laughter and those pinnacle ‘Eureka’ moments.

To start the game place your circular mover anywhere on the centre circle of the game board, then in turns each of you will roll the dice and answer the question that matches the colour of the wedge space you landed on. If you land on the centre circle you can choose a question from your preferred category, or if you roll a ‘Wild Wedge’ on the die, you can pick any wedge space on the board and move to it.Once the circular mover is full and all six different coloured wedges have been collected, claim your victory by making your way to the Centre Circle.


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