Our Offering

We believe in travel experiences that are unique, breath-taking and magical. We are not afraid of creating flamboyant journeys and itineraries that embroil the word ‘luxury’ fully fledged in its true shape. At GC Privé we do not just understand the needs of our discerning clientele. We pro-actively provide, evaluate and materialise bespoke recommendations on a one-to-one basis.

The recommendations are simply out of the ordinary. Thanks to our local ties, your private journey extends to far beyond the reach of the average traveller. From private tours in museums before public openings to connections with local experts, we meticulously craft your global travel experience to a whole new level.

Our Coverage

Your uniqueness and individuality is valued at GC Privé, as it is for the many extraordinary and successful people, world leaders, global VIP’s and celebrities who trust us to fly them by private jets around the world.Our aim is for you to experience the difference we deliver and how far we will go to ensure your journey with us is beyond expectation, wherever and whenever you choose to fly.

GC Privé works closely with worldwide leading aircraft operators and service providers to provide an exceptional bespoke air charter experience. Choose from over 5,000 airports and destinations worldwide (some of which are only available to private routes) and let our expert team take care of all the details in line with your requirements.

A well-orchestrated yacht charter can be one of the most luxurious lifetime experiences. GC Privé works alongside the finest yacht charter operators worldwide to deliver an impeccable service to our discerning clientele.Whether you prefer an elegant sailing yacht, or a contemporary motor yacht, our team will assist you in finding the ideal luxury charter yacht matching your exact requirements.

There is a never ending list of activities available on a luxury yacht charter. Our luxury concierge service can enhance and complement your yachting experience with a carefully designed bespoke itinerary, enlist activities to pursue and inform you in advance on must-see calendar events throughout the world.Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the glamour of Cannes during the Film Festival or looking to explore the hidden romantic beaches of Saint Mauritius and the Maldives in the exotic Indian Ocean, we are here for you.

GC Privé provides access to hand-picked properties across the globe available both for short and long-term lettings. From Saint-Tropez to Saint-Barthélemy our specialist team can provide property rentals recommendations and take care of all arrangements based on your bespoke requirements.

Our team creates your personalized travel itinerary including bespoke air charter, chauffeur driven and destination management services, carefully designed to enhance your stay.