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Golden Cocktail Bath of Youth With Russian Voyage Spa — Harrods Urban Retreat

Transform your bath into a golden cocktail of youth with Russian Voyage Bath Crystals from Meder Beauty Spa.

Inspired by the palatial home of the Russian Royals, a precious blend of micronized gold, powdered river pearls, caviar and champagne combine to achieve the ultimate in luxurious rejuvenation.

A true treasure trove of biologically active ingredients, each golden crystal is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, as well as provide skin lifting and stimulating effects.

Caviar, Russia’s traditional luxury, contains virtually all known amino acids, vitamins and pro-vitamins which stimulate the body’s natural processes of repair, while the antioxidant properties found in Champagne protect the active substances from destruction when applied to the skin.

The opulent mix of gold and pearls was once to medieval alchemists the secret of eternal youth and the skin protecting properties of these valuable elements are still recognised today in helping to improve skin tone and elasticity as well as restore energy balance.

A delicate champagne aroma and the soft golden shimmer of the water enhance feelings of warmth and wellbeing.

To experience the full effects of this luxurious anti-ageing bodycare in an atmosphere of ultimate luxury and comfort, indulge in a Russian Voyage Spa Ritual treatment available at Urban Retreat at Harrods.


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