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Toys Parade Exhibition, 12 December 2013–11 May 2014


If you have been thinking of a reason to take a trip to Paris, you may have just found it. The Toys gallery Parade exhibition is coming up and it would be in your best interest not to miss it.

Contact GC Privé Concierge today to book a wonderful opportunity to observe some cultural art.

The Toys gallery Parade is certainly one of the most interesting exhibitions to date. By combining toys and the entertainment world The Parade exhibition is what is produced. Two very different worlds, you are probably thinking however, oddly enough it creates a thrilling composition you will not find elsewhere.

With influences of the early to late 19th century, artists have created a range of creative pieces that are waiting to be viewed and appreciated. This exhibition features a wide range of art from sculptures, to photography, to animated images, as well as short films.

There are various activities to keep all visitors entertained for example, Numbers by “The Speakers”, Jean-François Guillon and Didier Galas. This is an animated 19th century style puppet show aimed at adults. As well as, Valérie Belin & I Could never be a dancer, a photographic story of a dancer. After this showcase Valerie Berlin and Serge Laurent, Head of Performing Arts, will meet with the artists.

Until 11 May 2014

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