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Tom Ford, Jardin Noir, A new luxurious dark fragrance

It is six years since the launch of one of Tom Ford’s most popular fragrances ‘Black Orchid.’ Now for 2012, the American fashion designer has created four new luxurious scents which fall under the heading of ‘Jardin Noir.’

The former creative-director of Gucci clearly has a thing for the decadent and mysterious, believing that ‘flowers can have a dark enchantment.’ With this philosophy in mind, he has chosen much-loved plants such as the rose and lily and then added a wild and exciting dimension to them. The Café Rose fragrance mixes the delicate sweet smell of the rose with exotic spices and dark coffee whilst the Lys Fume uses tropical white lilies as well as ylang ylang oils from an island off the East African coast. Embracing elements from different cultures, Tom Ford’s collection therefore goes beyond the traditional because it unearths a deeper side to familiar garden scents, revealing a world of darkness and intrigue.

Also on offer are Jonquille de Nuit (Narcissus) and Ombre de Hyacinth, which proves that the ‘Jardin Noir’ range has been created with a variety of aromas in mind. A dark and mysterious garden has been created and although the packaging is surprisingly plain for such an extravagant product, the distinct purple label will nevertheless single out the new products due to its hypnotic quality and deep tones.

Exclusively part of the designer’s Private Blend Collection, ‘Jardin Noir’ will soon become available to buy in Harvey Nichols. A 8.4 oz. bottle is priced at $495 (around £310) and its incredibly indulgent price-tag seems to reflect Ford’s own obsession with the dark, sensuous and ultimate in luxury products.


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