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Tom Ford, Beauty, Opulent Autumn Collection

Known as the man that re-invented Gucci, Tom Ford has taken the fashion world by storm. His use of luxury materials and sharp lines make him a firm favourite in dressing the rich and famous. With a hugely successful fragrance range now fully permeated in the likes of Harvey Nichols and Harrods, it would seem natural that Tom Ford would also capture the beauty world.

Only Tom Ford would have been able to create a place for himself in what seems to be a saturated market, and with ease. Exclusivity was the key: the newly formed cosmetic line was only available in a number of luxury department stores and only the elite in beauty and make-up were aware of these scintillating products.

The range itself is not vast but it encompasses everything that is needed for a variety of looks, going from natural beauty to evening glamour and infinitely to ultime seductress, with much ease. As well as the make-up there is a range of brushes: “Tom Ford’s brush collection is designed to bring ease and luxury to the process of creating your look – they make expert makeup application completely effortless.”

The combination of make-up and brushes allowing you the airbrush effect in minutes.

There is a huge emphasis on lip colour this season and the ability to transfer your face in one casual sweep of these luxury lipsticks. Again like the rest of the range there are not colours in abundance but you never find yourself lacking in which colour to wear.

The lipsticks themselves are highly moisturising whilst not diminishing from the vibrant colour and incredibly last for hours and hours. The Autumn Collection will  be no different in providing the most exclusive make-up, so get ready for the warmest of plums, deep reds and natural hues to get you perfectly submerged in the changing of the leaves.


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