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Tokyo: the most expensive apartment in the world

Located in Tokyo the penthouse apartment is in the expensive Minami- Azabu district. Having been nicknamed ‘The House’ there is over 4,434 square feet but is unbelievably one bedroom. The owner of the property spent 18 months transforming it into its present state.

Furnished in luxury fabrics and custom designed by Cecotti Collezioni along with original art by the artist Hiroshi Senju known for his exquisite waterfall paintings. The dining area is specifically designed for parties in the exclusive Japanese ‘Ryotei’ manner where guests are served in the stylish kitchen by the Chef.


The one bedroom features a fitted walk in closet, luxury bathroom complete with hot tub and in the bedroom a 60 inch plasma television.

There is a Parisian themed terrace and elegant courtyard garden with a storage area that can hold up to 200 pairs of shoes. Recently valued by Sotheby’s Japan at $21.8million ‘The House’ is elegant, luxurious and the perfect place to stay whilst in Tokyo.



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