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Zodiac Grill, Mumbai


The Zodiac Grill first opened in one of Mumbai’s oldest and finest hotels in 1989. Since then the restaurant has continued to entertain the prestigious echelons of Indian high society and has become renown for its gourmet lunches and a la carte menu.

The restaurant offers the finest european delicacies that can be enjoyed by guests amidst a beautiful regal setting.

As one of the most famous European restaurants in India, The Zodiac Grill prides itself on the intricacy and expertise that allows for the flawless execution of each exquisite dish.

Zodiac Grill

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In the suffused elegance of this exclusive Taj restaurant, everything is designed to ensure a guiltless and spectacular indulgent experience. Inspired by the beauty of heaven and the belief in the Signs of the Zodiac, The Zodiac Grill dazzles with the world’s finest service and Master Chef Hemant Oberoi’s creative genius.

To complement its acclaimed dishes that include New French Goose liver, Caviar, and Chef Oberoi’s signature Camembert Dariole and Kahlua Mousse, The Zodiac Grill presents the finest Riedel hand blown crystal from Austria, gilt-edged cutlery from Christofle of France, and Bernardaud Porcelain. The magical ambiance is further cast by the delicate decor and beautiful blue dome that compliments the romantic European aesthetic of the restaurant.

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