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The World’s Most Expensive…

We all want what we can’t have…and here’s a look at some of what only the richest of the rich can afford.

The World’s Most Expensive Bed

This Baldacchino Supreme king-sized masterpiece of elegant beauty was crafted by luxury designer Stuart Hughes. For the past four years, the magnetic floating bed has owned the award for the most expensive sleep but it has finally been unseated by this gold-encrusted, 18th century inspired bed. The exterior is decorated with 107 kg of 24k gold and the bed also features the finest Italian silk and cotton. This unique design costs nothing short of 6.3 million dollars!


The World’s Most Expensive Laptop








Check out the new Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop. Perfect for those who love the fancy things in life and have plenty of dosh to spare! This expensive gadget comes with a beautiful diamond ring which also acts as a security feature for unlocking the computer. Luviaglio design and create the laptop to the customer’s specification and it comes in wood, iron and metal. The actual features are pretty similar to a regular laptop, but we all know it’s the show that counts!


The World’s Most Expensive Dog








“Hong Dong” (or “Big Splash” in English) became the world’s most expensive pup this year after being sold for almost one million pounds. The Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy are thought to be exclusively “Chinese” and are so exclusive that they cannot be found anywhere outside of Tibet. Hong Dong stands 3 feet tall, weighs more than 180lbs……and is only 11 months old! He is fed a diet of chicken and beef which is spiced up with Chinese delicacies such as sea cucumber.


The World’s Most Expensive Apartments








One Hyde Park, the home of the world’s most expensive residential apartments, were unveiled in January this year by property duo, the Candy brothers. They are set to make a profit of over £1 billion from the 86 apartments which boast a private spa, panic room, a valet and home-cooking from a team of award-winning chefs. The properties are the best of the best and range between £6.5 million to a staggering £140 million.


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