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BMW i8: The World’s Future Hybrid and Progressive Sportcar


A progressive sportscar for a progressive world. Sometimes it’s good to escape the city and visit those long empty countryside roads. The BMW i8 Concept with eDrive oozes power and beauty at the touch of the steering wheel. With benchmark technology the exhilarating drive is soon to be yours as the ultimate supercar, is set to be revealed in 2013.

While the model is powered by a three cylinder turbo diesel power plant combined with two electric motors, the machine will be open to both electric and hybrid versions. “The Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept” was officially unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show late 2009 and the “green performer” proved a hit with all car enthusiasts. The visionary magnetism of the star car allows the BMW’s “i” sub-brand to accomplish its goal of low fuel consumption through the carefully planned and developed aerodynamics.

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The four-seat sports car can travel up to 22 miles on electric power alone for zero-emission driving and as soon as the battery runs out, the fuel engine takes over. The motor in the front and combustion engine at the back are connected by an “energy tunnel” which holds a high-voltage battery allowing the car to have a low centre of gravity along with the dynamic advantages which come with it. The position of the electric motor and engine over their respective front and rear axles plus the space-saving and balanced packaging of all of the machinery result in an optimum 50-50 weight distribution.

Sprinting from 0 – 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds, the chassis is fabricated out of high-strength and exceptionally lightweight carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP). And, for the interior you should expect the usual leather sports accessories. This highly anticipated release includes a pair of beautiful blooming butterfly doors and the German brand announced it will manufacture around 30,000 units within 5 years.

Laser lights lead the way to the future because for the first time BMW have developed headlights which are far more effective than LEDs. Nearly ten times smaller and highly flexible they are completely safe to use. Using lasers as lighting around the car, can produce an intensity a thousand times greater than the use of conventional LEDs and use less than half the energy consumption than that of LED headlights.

In a nut shell, the BMW i8 concept is even more resourceful that imagined. Sources suggest that the BMW i3 urban electric car will be first to go on sale slowly followed by the i8 in late 2013.

Journalist: Mahvish Malik.


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