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The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari unveiled in Modena, Italy

The definitive meaning of a ‘Museum’ is said to be a ‘building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural interest are stored and exhibited’. Admittedly, establishments that can successfully boast of using all of these aforementioned contexts are in short supply, though Modena, Italy has recently seen the unveiling of a highly anticipated gallery which straddles all four with an informative conviction that is seldom seen elsewhere.

The City of Modena calls upon its undeniably most revered, cherished and notable export, The Ferrari Brand. The Enzo Ferrari Museum has finally opened its doors to the people of Europe, and the rich heritage and prowess of the Italian automotive pioneer is tipped to seduce its worldwide faithful fan base into the former home, workshop and showroom of Planet Ferrari.

The very architectural scope of The Museum’s exterior is a tribute to the infamous Ferrari logo, in a golden-yellow colour scheme and compliments the sliced roofing pannels which is inspired by the air intake vents- lovingly inscribed on the majority of bonnets as a signature component in Enzo’s masterpiece vehicles.

The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari was inaugurated earlier this Month, with its debut exhibit Origins of Myth, paying homage to the wealth of influential engineers, designers, constructors, stylists, drivers and enthusiasts alike. The collection ushers its visitors into the 54,000 square foot residence with completed project works from Enzo Ferrari’s predecessor, Alberto Massimo and provides a complete breakdown of Ferrari’s origins, their combined artistic visions throughout the ages.

The Museum unites the countless plaudits The Ferrari Brand have received, and the history that hails Enzo Ferrari’s as the solitary figurehead and composer of Modena’s legendary attraction. Within Museo Casa Ferrari, guests are advised to set eyes upon the marvels and rarities of cars such as the Ferrari 125 Sport, the 166 F2 and 166 MM Barchetta.

Also featured within this same exhibition is a selection of Ferrari’s original racing opponents, which goes some way in underlining the craftsmanship that set Ferrari apart from its competitors. Put your Ferrari affections to good use here, in its birthplace of Modena. With a fully realised recital of decades in mechanical innovation, this is your opportunity to stand and admire.


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