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The Largest Luxury Passenger Plane – Lufthansa Airbus A380

Travelling first class on an aeroplane is one of life’s little luxuries and Lufthansa, the German airline, have decided to take this luxury to new heights.

The Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, is setting new standards in terms of its first class facilities and has started somewhat of a rivalry among international carriers who have been working to outdo each other in the luxury stakes.

By increasing economy class and decreasing first class cabins, Lufthansa have already created arguably the greatest luxury an individual could ask for on a long international flight: space. With only eight first class seats on the plane, each first class passenger can expect to relax in eight feet of space. The first class cabin can be found at the front of the upper deck and features facilities akin to that found at a luxury hotel.

The cabin includes two full sized bathrooms featuring full vanities, separate toilets and spacious changing areas to make it easier and more comfortable should you want to change clothes during the flight.


The open plan layout of the cabin prevents passengers from feeling closed off and privacy is achieved by the use of screens that slide up. Passenger seats recline into a lying position and each seat is roughly the same size as a twin-size mattress. Every element of the cabin has been thought through with luxurious comfort at the forefront of the final design. If you have to travel, why not do it in style?


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