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The Golden Phoenix – The world’s most expensive edible cupcake

Over the last few years elegantly decorated cupcakes have become a huge trend in the UK and internationally.  Now Bloomsbury in Dubai Mall have taken this one step further with their cupcake creation named ‘The Golden Phoenix’.  At £645 per cupcake, this is now known to be the world’s most expensive cupcake.

The creation of The Golden Phoenix

In June of this year Shafeena Yusuff Ali, CEO of Tablez Food company, announced that she was to attempt the task of creating the world’s most expensive cupcake.  Now, a month later, she has succeeding in doing so in collaboration with Bea’s of Bloomsbury.  The challenge was met after researching the most finest of ingredients in order to produce something not only aesthetically pleasing, but tasteful as well.

The ingredients chosen include; Doves organic flour from the UK,  Rachel’s organic butter from the UK, Premim Amedei Porcelena cocoa from Italy, Gold Ugandan vanilla beans and edible 23 carat gold sheets.

Vinay Lall, general Manager of Tablez Food stated: ‘We are really excited to have unveiled the most expensive ‘edible’ cupcake in the world.  We have seen people attempt the most expensive cupcakes before, however those cupcakes are not edible as they are incrusted with diamonds and other components.’

The cupcake will go on display this week, however customers will need to wait until Eid time to try one!


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