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The Bugatti Linea D’oro is all gold everything


Just when you thought Bugatti’s couldn’t get anymore flash or attention seeking out and came the ‘Linea D’oro’. The car uses a combination of gold, carbon fibre and darn right luxury at its finest.

Designed by Kourosh Mansory who also recently worked on the Mercedes Benz Coremum AMG claimed that the plot of the aria stems from a Persian tale of 1001 days which also relates to the standard motorisation of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 with 1,001 hp.

The vehicle looks like it should be driven an Arab prince of some sort just as well it was rumoured that it was sold for an estimated 2.2 Million in Dubai, a one of a kind. The carbon fibre allows the Linea D’oro to be ultra light and knock off tenths from any world record.

Without a doubt the gold accents draped all around the car is the highlights of the Bugatti. It starts off with a simple stitched in like line found parallel to each side of the automobile following then to the distinctive turbine style design of the wheels, door handle, fuel filler cap headlight surrounds and grille.

The interior follows the same suit with fine gold running through the seats and steering wheel.

If you happen to have 2.2 million laying around behind the seats of your sofas you could also ring up Masonry to whip one up for you as well.

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