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The Benefits of Bespoke, ideas from luxury mattress brand 1907

Selecting a mattress that suits you perfectly can be a tricky process. Like Goldilocks you may find yourself trying many mattresses in your search to find one that is ‘just right’. It’s not just about comfort and finding a mattress that provides the right level of support – there are lots of other factors to take into account. For example, your bed-frame may be a non-standard size, you may want a natural-filling mattress but be allergic to one of the materials traditionally used in mattresses, or you may share a bed with a partner who requires a different level of support.

Having something specifically tailored to your every need sounds like a luxury only the rich and famous can afford, however having something bespoke in your home is not as far-fetched as you’d think. Bespoke can be a reality with 1907 beds: whatever the need, 1907 have the solution and will hand craft bespoke mattresses to any specification you desire.

All shapes and sizes

Just imagine pulling back the covers and climbing into a bed that was specially made just for you. Because all 1907 mattresses are constructed by hand they are able to create a bespoke mattress custom-made to your specification. The 1907 team can make a mattress that is not only exact to your wishes in terms of comfort and style, but also to allow for unique bedsteads, corners or alcoves.

Whether you have an antique bedframe requiring a non-standard size mattress or need a narrow or even L-shaped mattress to fit an alcove, 1907 can make a luxury mattress exactly to your specifications.

1907 can even create extra-long mattresses – they currently supply a basketball team and they’re pretty tall!

Let your imagination run wild – through its memory-foam range 1907 can make mattresses in all shapes and sizes – even heart-shaped or circular.

1907 can also manufacture divan bases to match your bespoke mattress.

Catering for couples

Tired of arguing with your partner over the firmness of your mattress? 1907 can tailor your mattress to accommodate both needs, so there’s no need for the spat over which side of the bed you want!

1907 can produce mattresses with different firmness/support on each side to cater for couples who require different levels of support.

The talented craftsmen at 1907 use age-old skills combined with modern technology to ensure your mattress is made to perfection, with a seamless finish joining your two bespoke sides.

To ensure you and your partner get a mattress tailored precisely to your needs, 1907 provide a bespoke consultation service where an advisor will help you identify your perfect mattress requirements.


If you’d rather have a natural filling mattress but are allergic to some of the materials commonly used in mattresses such as horsehair or wool, 1907 can source luxury alternatives to create an all-natural mattress especially for you.

1907 offer the option of creating a mattress from materials specially selected by the customer – so if you were allergic to horsehair or wool, 1907 could source alternatives such as camel hair, alpaca or silk to ensure your mattress was perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Mattress coverings

Why should your mattress look like any other? 1907 can cover your bespoke mattress in any fabric of your choice – provided that the fabric meets the relevant British Standards and fire safety regulations.

Choose your own favourite fabric and 1907 can upholster your mattress to be truly unique – you could even make a design statement with flowers, polka dots or a Union Jack.

1907 carefully select locally sourced materials wherever possible to craft luxury mattresses for a bed that you won’t want to get out of. The 1907 range is exclusively manufactured by Palatine Beds of Northumberland who have over 100 years’ experience and knowledge of how best to support your body and provide unparalleled comfort. So snuggle back under the covers and forget that alarm clock, because the mattress that was made just for you is urging you to stay put.


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