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The baseline is set high with The Kiko Compact Music System: Powerful, Flexible and Fun

The baseline is set high with The Kiko , which is a compact music system which is fun, flexible and powerful developed by Linn.

Its hand-assembled wireless multi-room functionality allows for streaming throughout the home via Android® smartphone, iPhone®, or iPad® devices. The Kiko can be hidden upright among books or positioned vertically, holding pride of place. It is available in dark blue, silver, champagne, light blue, black and white.

Everything bearing the Linn name is designed and assembled by hand, in-house. The company builds all of their systems and speakers in their own in-house workshops. Linn does not run a standard production line, each product is built, tested and packaged by one of their engineers, who then sign their name on it. Every Linn system is signed-off in this way. It is a mark of Linn’s commitment to tradition, excellence and passion for music.


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