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Tara Walker’s Dream skincare: Defined by Nature Led by Science

This is a unique range of skincare based on more than 100 of the finest, hand-selected botanicals and marine ingredients from Tahiti to Japan and all the rest of the world. Everything from fragrant essences of exotic flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and stems of plants to plankton, brown algae, seaside plants, seaweeds and microalgae combined with essential oils and absolutes make up the Rejuvenating Dream Serum Concentrate +100. It is in the root of all the miraculous products that have incredibly beneficial results on the skin. They nurture and hydrate it naturally making it firmer, softer and luminous and diminish all signs of redness, dryness, aging and acne.

The products also help sooth skin that has been traumatized by laser treatments, environmental stress or long sun exposure during the hot summer season. The Christmas Special Dream Deluxe tin includes all six products from the gentle yet potent range presented in a stunning way. The Cleansing Balm, Rejuvenating Serum, Radiance Crème, Perfecting Crème and Eye Serum all make a contribution for that healthy glowing skin every woman dreams of.

Give the woman of your dreams the gift she deserves – a premium care for her skin that would make her one of a kind beauty shine even brighter. Opening such a considerate carefully chosen present will make a lady feel like a queen and give her nothing but smiles. Show how much you care with Tara Walker’s Dream.



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