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In ‘Social’

The Inspiration Gala São Paulo 2014, 4 April 2014

Overview amfAR is dedicated to finding a cure for AIDS/HIV through raising money and awareness for the cause. It is one of the worlds leading non-profitable companies aimed at supporting the research of AIDS, prevention of HIV ...

Hainan Rendez Vous, SO! DALIAN, 3rd – 6th July 2014

Overview Hainan Rendez Vous 2014 is China’s largest yacht show. This event is not only restricted to yachts but also includes a showcase of upmarket residential properties around the world, business jet exhibit, a gallery...

The Art of Elysium Heaven, 10 January 2015

Overview The Art of Elysium’s sole purpose is to do all they can to enrich the lives of young terminally ill children with the aid of artists from across all fields of the industry. The Art of Elysium is a non-profitable ...

WINTERREISE by Diarmuid Kelley

Diarmuid Kelley Exhibition, 24 January – 28 February 2014

Overview “First and foremost, I’m a painter a painter before anything else, not just a portrait painter. I love the texture and feel of paint.” – Diarmuid Kelley It is time for you to take a trip to the ...

Slow Outburst by Ron Arad

FOG Design + Art Gala, 16 January 2014

Overview This is an event for the designers and art patrons to have the first hand experience of exploring the exhibition before it is made available to public viewers. With the FOG Design + Art Gala you will have a brief intro...