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Private Jet Charter, Challenger 605, A6-TLH

Rates: POA | Seating: 12 passengers

Base: Dubai, UAE | Year: 2010

The Bombardier Challenger 605 corporate aircraft is the next step in the continuing evolution of the world‘s best se...

Private Jet Charter, Challenger 604, VH-VSZ

Rates: POA | Seating: 10 passengers

Base: Sydney, Australia | Year: 1999

Renowed for its comfortable widebody cabin, the elegant Challenger 604 is an athelectic, long-distance performe...

Private Jet Charter, Challenger 605, OY-GBB

Rates: POA | Seating: 9 passengers

Base: London, United Kingdom | Year: 2008

The Challenger 605 was launched in 2006 and is the latest derivative of the highly successful Challenger se...