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In ‘luxury furniture’

Le souvenir commence avec la cicatrice, by Françoise Fredj Weill

Marks’, the exhibition of new luxurious pieces by French artist/designer Françoise Fredj Weill opens in London next week, running until November 2nd. The title of the exhibition “Marks” is inspired by the quote &...

Edra’s Diamond Collection: Furniture shimmering in Swarovski crystals

Italian company Edra takes luxury interior design to a whole new level with its Diamond Collection. Lovers of these precious jewels will be mesmerised by the glittering abundance of Swarovski gems to be found in everyday items ...

Eden by Ego Paris: The Outdoor Floating Bed

Nights sleeping under the stars can now be done in style on this elegantly designed floating bed produced by Ego Paris.  This beautiful concept furniture piece can help you provide the most relaxing and idyllic setting for...