The tournament celebrates its centenary offering world class entertainment with the best tennis players

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This year you can expect thrilling first-class games in the spectacular Roy Emerson Arena. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and landscapes, Gstaad offers the ideal atmosphere to presence the finest tennis.

We offer a unique, tailor-made experience for Swiss Open at Roy Emerson Arena on 18-24 July 2016. Our hospitality team is available 24/7 to provide an exceptional level of service for this event, as well as catering for the finest options in Gstaad entertainment, accommodation, close protection and transportation needs.

Roy Emerson Arena
Eisbahnweg 7, 3780, Gstaad

Our Offering

“We are dedicated in maintaining the highest level of protection and privacy for our discerning clientele”
“We work with Gstaad’s finest establishments and source handpicked hidden gems for your stay”
“Our clients are global jet-setters who are looking for privacy, discretion and ease of access”
“We appreciate our clients' idiosyncrasy, and thus we offer a tailor-made entertainment program in Gstaad”

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