Automobiles | Supercar Hire

Drive in style

Immerse yourself in the thrill and pleasure of driving some of the most stylish and iconic automotive brands in the world.

With GC Privé Autos you can access some of the most desirable supercars available at a short notice, day-hire, short-term leasing or fractional ownership.

Our supercar experts will assess your requirements whilst arranging every detail in the timed delivery of your supercar at your preferred location.

Exhilarating driving experiences

If you are looking for the ultimate bespoke experience, our supercar experts can design the perfect route taking care of every detail from start to finish.

Join F1 drivers through a supercar journey leading to the most inspiring Grand Prix events around the globe – or perhaps, lap the Monte Carlo street circuit just before the start of the Monaco Grand Prix and test your own supercar at this famous racing circuit.

Supercar glamour

Our privileged blackbook and esteemed partner network can provide access to a number of rare vehicles as well as allowing you to test drive the latest models from all major manufacturers.

As a GC Privé client, you can also benefit from our prestigious concierge service and immerse yourself in the most luxurious hotspots and even party together with the winning F1 teams at exclusive events.