Our Offering

Wealth structuring involves the creation of an international framework for wealth asset management that deploys trusts, charitable foundations, corporate entities and other vehicles to achieve your family’s long-term financial objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.

We advise on the formation, administration and governance of these structures, working closely with investment managers and offshore lawyers. As an independent private office, we approach each of our clients and their circumstances in a unique manner and offer innovative personalised solutions.

Our Solutions

We establish a wide range of trusts and act as trustee in a number of key global jurisdictions. Our in-depth knowledge and practical experience means we are highly adept at delivering the best solutions; including working closely with legal advisers in drafting the trust deed. Our offering is comprehensive in carrying out the day-to-day management and administration of the trust, as well as providing accounting and book-keeping services.

Our trust and fiduciary services help meet the complex international estate planning needs of ultra high net worth clients and family offices worldwide. As a high net worth individual, you are probably facing complex estate planning challenges. Perhaps you own assets in multiple countries or in a country that imposes high taxes. Or, if your heirs live abroad, you may need to plan for tax and ownership issues in their country of residence.

We specialize in these trust and fiduciary solutions:

International Trust Services: Together with our accredited partners we can structure and administer a range of trusts to meet your needs, including some of the most efficient locations globally.

International Companies Formation: Your situation may call for an international company (or companies) in combination with one or more trusts.

Foundations: We can help establish and administer a foundation for charitable, family or private purposes; especially when it comes to the efficient donation of significant assets to charitable and philanthropic causes.

Through our network of business associates and accredited partner firms, we establish various types of companies and corporate entities around the world. We offer clear and concise advice as well as guiding our clients through the statutory requirements and post-incorporation structuring for each jurisdiction that they are interested in.

A dedicated relationship director, supported by an expert team, is appointed for each of our clients who will personally overview that all legal and accounting filings are up to date.

We provide a range of fiduciary, accounting and administration services complemented by a robust framework of best practice corporate governance and fiduciary duties to our clients. Our administration services include statutory filings and maintenance of books and records that are completed in accordance with the specifications of relevant local authorities.

Our accounting services include ledger records, preparation of periodic management accounts and annual financial statements, as well as the completion and submission of VAT and tax returns. Where accounts need to be audited, we have strong relationships with the principals of a number of firms to whom we can make introductions.

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