Specialty Villa Acquisition


  • Representing your Interests

    Whether you are looking for a modern waterfront villa, an exclusive golf resort, a ski chalet, or a private château, we offer a truly bespoke service for locating your new home in line with your lifestyle requirements.

    Through our intelligent market research and representing a limited number of discerning clients at a time we can offer a truly bespoke brokerage service with microscopic attention to detail.

    By constantly monitoring the market and keeping you up-to-date with all latest developments as they happen you will never miss an investment opportunity.

  • Complete Transaction Cycle

    GC Privé can be involved throughout the transaction cycle from making enquiries on your behalf, arranging for private viewings, recommending and sourcing legal advisors and surveyors and leveraging your negotiating position.

    At all stages we align our interests with those of our discerning clientele and undertake our schedule of work with honesty, transparency and integrity.

    Through our rigorous due diligence process you can be reassured of a sound investment decision and smooth closing of your transaction.

  • Enquiries

    For further information contact our team of realty experts at GC Privé Villas to discuss your preferences in confidence.

    T: +44 207 590 3022
    E: villas@gcprive.com