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Sow Simple: 100+ Green and Easy Projects to Make Your Luxury Garden Awesome

Sow Simple: 100+ Green and Easy Projects to Make Your Garden Awesome is a guide to gardening, highlighting a “no rules” gardening philosophy that honours the ancient wisdom of our earth. Authors Christina Symons and John Gillespie are horticultural explorers, collecting ideas and inspiration while conducting experiments in every patch and around every corner. They have built an eclectic and beautiful ecological respite on their own property, and now they want to share some of their favourite tips, tricks and projects that can be used to enhance and embellish any garden.

Not only does Sow Simple provide practical, proven advice to apply to everyday chores such as propagation, plant selection, transplanting, pruning and dealing with garden pests, the book abounds with tips on landscaping, suggestions for building water features and dry-stack stone walls, and simple ideas for playhouses and backyard benches. The authors also put their earthwise instincts to good use, finding ways
to showcase garden bounty in decorations for the home and in recipes for delicious treats, and demonstrating how to repurpose materials such as cracked tiles, second-hand dishes and old boots to make quirky planters and containers. Some of the authors’ other step-by-step projects include how to build a cold frame, plant a bulb basket, create a willow-branch pot trellis, and construct a living gate. Full of gorgeous colour photos and inspiration on every page, Sow Simple invites all gardeners, whether they have a large acreage or a tiny urban oasis, to have fun, get their hands dirty and see how wonderful it can be
to spend time in the garden.

About the Authors

Christina Symons
Christina Symons is a freelance writer and photographer specializing in garden, food and lifestyle topics. She has contributed to numerous publications including the Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, GardenWise, BC Business, Coast Reporter, Style at Home, and TVWeek.

John Gillespie
John Gillespie is a landscape designer and horticulturalist, certified master arborist and green roof technician. John offers garden design and installation services through his professional practice Landwise Consultants, and regularly presents on gardening topics.

John and Christina live together in Roberts Creek, BC. They have discovered that the longer they garden, the more they understand just how integral it is to living a full and happy life. One of their shared goals is to inspire others to experience the everyday wonders and joys of gardening. Their previous book is Everyday Eden: 100+ Fun, Green Garden Projects for the Whole Family to Enjoy (Harbour, 2011).

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