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Skye, São Paulo


Sip a wasabi martini at São Paulo’s Skye bar and experience the city’s bright lights from a whole new level. Situated atop the architecturally divine Unique hotel, one can take in São Paulo against a stunning backdrop of the city’s impressive skyline at sunset.

Escape the bustling city and revel in the stillness from above. The overwhelming panoramic views and the peace of the roof make Skye the perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous or a smaller party wanting a cosy but unforgettable night.

The early crowd can sample some of the gourmet dishes on offer but as night approaches, the cocktails start to flow. Guests unwind, enjoying the comfort of the plush sofas beside the open air pool. There is a strong sense of serenity about this venue due to the lack of impending skyscrapers and the scattering of typical chic furnishings.


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The discreet and efficient service is well suited to the ambience Skye have created. Guests feel welcome and the roof belongs to them – this makes the experience truly special.

The drinks menu is renowned for its classics as well as distinctive inventions; be sure to try a traditional caipirinha and take your first steps to living as a true Brazilian. Its prime location in trendy Jardin Paulista ensures that Skye attracts São Paulo’s elite. For a highly intimate yet luxurious outing, it simply cannot be beaten.

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