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São Paulo is a stunning example of Brazilian energy and flair. The largest city in the Southern Hemisphere provides elegant luxury alongside the legendary Brazilian love of partying and a thriving and innovative fine dining scene.

São Paulo is one of the only cities within the BRIC countries that has seen a large shift in the 20th century from its traditionally industrial economy to a service based economy, a signal of its remarkable development.

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Economic Powerhouse & Palpable Brazil’s Energy

São Paulo’s history over the last few centuries has been one of slow but unrelenting growth that has transformed it into an economic powerhouse. São Paulo has progressed from a tiny religious outpost at its inception to its status today as the largest city in the southern hemisphere with the largest GDP in South America. São Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga was founded when Portuguese monks built a small Jesuit college on the site of modern day São Paulo. The discovery of gold in the area spurred growth in the town that had remained largely the same for two centuries. With an influx of people São Paulo began to grow and commercial agriculture began to flourish. Brazil’s founder Dom Pedro I recognized São Paulo’s growth and importance by labeling it an Imperial City in 1823, and the subsequent building of a renowned law school saw São Paulo become a center for learning in South America.

From these unassuming beginnings São Paulo has blossomed into a global city internationally renowned for its multiculturalism and economic importance. With economic success comes wealth and São Paulo today has a vast number of venues catering to the Brazilian and international elite. São Paulo is one of the only cities within the BRIC countries that has seen a large shift in the 20th century from its traditionally industrial economy to a service based economy, a signal of its remarkable development. The city has internationally recognised culturally important venues as well as art and architecture that you experience as you walk down the picturesque streets.

The São Paulo Museum of Art is recognised as the best art museum in Brazil with a fantastic collection of pieces housed in an architecturally brilliant building. The museum was one of the most prolific collectors in the mid 20th century under the charismatic leadership of Assis Chateaubriand resulting in a superb collection of masterpieces by famed artists such as Peter Paul Rubens and Pablo Picasso. Admirers of the arts should visit this interesting and nationally important gallery. The Brazilian Grand Prix is held annually in São Paulo in November and has seen some of the most epic performances in Formula 1 racing history. Although the race briefly left São Paulo for Rio De Janeiro, the arrival of legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, who hailed from São Paulo, onto the Formula 1 scene brought the race back to its spiritual home and it has remained there ever since.

São Paulo is the luxury goods capital of Brazil. The Rua Oscar Freire was voted the second most luxurious street in the Americas behind New York’s 5th avenue and taking a stroll down this exclusive street will alert you as to why it has gained this reputation. Brazil’s ‘Rodeo Drive’ has almost every global high fashion brand represented as well as the best Brazilian fashion designers. São Paulo has the biggest fleet of helicopters in the world, even larger than New York and Tokyo, allowing residents to get to work in style. It is just a coincidence that these commuters also have one of the most spectacular urban skylines in the background, however, these helicopter charters have now become available commercially and is the best way to watch the sun rise over the sprawling metropolis of São Paulo.

The Most Beautiful People in the World

This exotic city has a dazzling high-end nightlife scene. In São Paulo’s exclusive venues you will samba with some of the most beautiful people in the world. Legendary club Disco has ruled the São Paulo nightlife scene for 12 years. Designed by the same people as the Fasano Hotel, Disco has been the home for thrill seeking Brazilians with the highest of taste. At this extremely glamorous venue immaculately dressed partygoers imbibe delicious cocktails whilst dancing the night away.

Situated in one of São Paulo’s most exclusive neighbourhoods Kiss & Fly São Paulo is the newest addition to the vibrant high end clubbing scene in the city. An offshoot of the ultra popular flagship Kiss and Fly in New York, the São Paulo venue has proved to be just as influential as its New York counterpart. Here the famously beautiful people of Brazil enjoy chic settings and trendy music in a truly exciting venue.

Located on the rooftop of the Unique Hotel, Skye boasts a crimson red pool with an underwater sound system and lounge area with stunning views over Ibirapuera Park and the entire São Paulo skyline. At Skye, innovative, delicious food and drink by Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil, visual exuberance, and legendary Unique service engage all the senses.

Brazil’s Home of Gastronomy

São Paulo is Brazil’s home of gastronomy and has one of the best fine dining scenes in the world. “Brazilian gastronomy is a feasible dream.” This statement made by chef Alex Atala summarizes the trajectory of the D.O.M. Restaurant. Created at a time when little was known about Brazil’s flavours, the D.O.M. was born as an experimental project that is now a reality that reverberates around the world, diffusing ingredients like açaí, jambu and tucupi. D.O.M. is a unique restaurant without claiming to be eloquent. On the contrary, its message is syntactic and poignant: to step out the comfort zone and propose a new gastronomic experience, rescuing authentic flavours of Brazilian cuisine according to a contemporary gaze.

The story of Fogo De Chão began in the mountainous countryside of Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil, where its founders were born. Growing up, the brothers were immersed in the centuries-old Gaucho culture, a rich blend of traditions from European immigrants and Brazilian natives. An important element of this culture is churrasco, the Gaucho way of roasting meats over pits of open fire for delicious barbecues, which is always present at every festive occasion, especially family gatherings. After years of challenging work and dedication to excellence, the Fogo de Chão team has established themselves as one of the best fine dining names in the culinary world.

Remarkably, Brazil has the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan and as a result has an abundance of delicious sushi options. Kinoshita is São Paulo’s best Japanese restaurant. Master chef Tsutoshi Murakami has been head chef at this acclaimed sushi restaurant since 1995, his continuous innovation in the art of sushi making has been incredibly successful in a culinary tradition that has not changed for decades. With a passionate following of sushi lovers in São Paulo, this delectable restaurant is not to be missed.

Unflinching Excellence

São Paulo’s luxury hotels are institutions in the city due to unflinchingly excellent service and accommodation. Emiliano is Brazil’s finest example of world-class luxury hospitality. Located on Oscar Freire Street, in the heart of the exclusive Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo, the Emiliano Hotel sets the pace for a new age of luxury travel in Brazil. You will experience authentic and modern Brazilian sophistication through their contemporary ambience, refined cuisine and singularly warm service. Detail orientation is what best defines the Emiliano Hotel. From the clean lines and spaciousness of their award-winning architecture to the finely selected amenities, everything at the Emiliano has been carefully designed to maximize comfort for you.

Fasano is the most charming hotel in São Paulo. It is also the realization of a longstanding dream for the Fasano family, a name that has been synonymous with fine dining and hospitality in the city for over 100 years. The architectural project, by Isay Weinfeld and Marcio Kogan, boldly recreates the 1930´s style blending a contemporary aesthetic with rich textures and classic details, such as travertine marble walls and an English brick façade. The hotel is also home to two of the brand’s most iconic properties: the Fasano restaurant, long considered the best Italian restaurant in South America, and Baretto, an intimate live music and jazz bar.

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