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Santa Elisabetta Restaurant, Florence


Santa Elisabetta Restaurant is part of the illustrious Brunelleschi Hotel in the historic heart of Florence, its unique location in the unusual and mysterious Torre della Pagliazza byzantine tower makes it stand out amongst the cookery scene in Florence.

The chef uses the exciting flavours of traditional Tuscan food to prepare charming dishes such as suckling veal, fiorentina steak and “martelli” and semolina pasta, which are both delicious and pleasing to the eye.

Santa Elisabetta Restaurant

  • Santa Elisabetta Restaurant
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The Santa Elisabetta Restaurant offers an exclusive and intimate culinary setting, with only seven tables accommodating up to 24 guests in total. The menu uses local and seasonal products, with both meat and fish dishes, as a tribute to the nearby Tyrrhenian coast.

Traditionally, the popular dishes in Florence are based around meat, but the chef also prepares a bespoke menu for vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements. As well as using ingredients such as pasta fresca, bistecca alla fiorentina and beans, the chef has introduced stockfish to the menu, a traditional dish in the region. You can also enjoy the extensive wine list, created to ensure the right wine for every course.

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