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Saint-Moritz is the old establishment of upper class ski resorts. This alpine paradise has been the winter destination for ‘well to do’ gentleman and women since the mid 19th century and continues to uphold this exclusive reputation.

Saint-Moritz, unlike some ski destinations, has a rich history even predating its advent as a location for winter sports and leisure activities.

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A Ski Resort Favourite Since 1864 & An Alpine Oasis of Heritage

Saint-Moritz, unlike some ski destinations, has a rich history even predating its advent as a location for winter sports and leisure activities. There have been mentions in literature of the town of ad sanctum Mauricium as early as the 12th century, a reference to the Roman Catholic Saint – Saint Maurice. The town of Saint-Moritz began its career as a winter sports destination in 1864, when Swiss hotelier Johannes Badrutt made a wager with his English guests that if they returned in the winter and the town was not to their liking he would reimburse their travel costs.

At this time Saint-Moritz was predominately a summer destination for visitors, yet this wager, which Johannes Badrutt subsequently won, spurred the growth of the town’s reputation as an unbeatable winter Alpine destination.The Swiss Alpine culture can be captured in its annual events and hotel bars where the global aristocracy congregate, as they have done for decades.

This long tradition of luxury is palpable in Saint Moritz when staying at any of their world class hotels, some of which have been providing opulent comfort and exemplary service for over a century. Switzerland’s first ever electric light was installed at the Kulm Hotel and the first curling tournament on the continent was held in Saint Moritz, just a few of the many notable events that have occurred in this spectacularly elegant town.

Saint Moritz also hosted to the Winter Olympics twice in the 20th century, to this day retaining its first class athletics facilities making it an obvious choice for the many sports events that have been hosted here over the years. The annual horse race takes place on the frozen lake and is lined by the aristocracy and royalty that have made Saint Moritz their second home.

Nightlife of Social Institutions

The nightlife in Saint Moritz is almost as important as the skiing and is dominated by venues that have provided entertainment par excellence for decades. The Dracula Club is a social institution in Saint-Moritz. Founded by original Dracula Gunter Sachs, the club has been the Saint-Moritz hot spot since it’s opening in 1974. The most exclusive parties throughout the Engadine have always been held here. The club is located on the premises of the Kulm Hotel Saint-Moritz. Today Rolf Sachs, son of Gunter Sachs, leads the club. Just like back in the day, the private club only opens its gates for members and their friends.

Night after night during the winter season Badrutt Palace Hotel's renowned King’s Club attracts party-hungry celebrities and night owls who turn night into day to the pulsating music of famous and ever-changing DJ's. This is not only the most famous nightclub in Saint-Moritz, but also the oldest and most legendary discotheque in Switzerland. The idea of closing hours does not exist in the King's Club – here you party, dance and celebrate the exclusive Saint-Moritz lifestyle till the sun rises over the Engadine Alpine landscape. Whoever wants to experience this pulsating Saint-Moritz nightlife and the unique atmosphere of the King's Club surrounded by stars and starlets, simply cannot miss this incredible and intoxicating experience.

Delicious Alpine Cuisine

Saint Moritz delivers world-class cuisine whilst staying true to its Swiss Alpine roots allowing it to deliver authentic yet delicious fare. Chesa Pirani’s head chef prepares all its freshly picked produce with love and care in person. Chesa Pirani is famed for its specialty tasting menus that include dishes with saffron from the tiny village Mund in the Valais region in Switzerland. Local farmers provide this exquisite restaurant with Swiss Beef, Veal, Lamb and Rabbit. In summertime, fishermen from the surrounding villages supply the best, fresh, local freshwater fish, like trout, speckled trout and grayling from the Inn River as well as from the picturesque lakes in the high alpine Engadine Valley. In autumn, following old traditions, local Hunters shoot Game of outstanding quality in the rough landscape above the tree line to be exclusively prepared to perfection for their guests.

Located in the beautiful setting of the Giardino Mountain Hotel, Ecco On Snow has been consistently rated amongst the best restaurants in the area for its delicious Alpine cuisine. The young head chef has provided Saint-Moritz with a true gastronomic restaurant designed to fulfill the most discerning of food lovers every desire.

Johri’s Talvo is a staple of the Saint-Moritz dining scene and has been for over 20 years. Under the supervision of Bridgette and Roland Johri this restaurant has been an exclusive eatery for Saint-Moritz’s most well known and respected names from the beginning. Here you will find Alpine food served at its finest in an intimate family run setting.

Beautiful Fairytale Castle Hotels

The luxury hotels in the town form part of its identity, their names reflecting their original owners most of whose families still reside in the town. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is renowned for its exquisite luxury, first class service and limitless indulgence – a gem amongst world-class hotels that is constantly changing whilst still preserving its historical inheritance. It has been an icon of hospitality since it’s opening in 1896 and the guests' high expectations are the yardstick for innovation and change. It is here where sophistication, lifestyle, high altitude and the champagne-climate meet the genuine Saint-Moritz flair bursting with exclusivity and style.

Enter a world of uncompromising luxury at the exquisite Kulm Hotel Saint-Moritz. Situated in the heart of Saint-Moritz as part of the Upper Engadine this magnificent and unique hotel offers stunning views over Lake Saint-Moritz. An incomparable aura of over 150 years of traditional excellence combined with refined elegance, which turn every stay into an experience of ultimate satisfaction.

Like a beautiful fairytale castle, Suvretta House Hotel is embedded in the fantastic alpine landscape of the Upper Engadine. All around it, the mountaintops rise majestically into the sky. Lakes glitter deep down in the valley, dark blue in summer, covered in ice in winter. Suvretta House has its own kind of magic. With all of the world-class amenities one might expect to find in a hotel of this class, you may be tempted to forego the sporting activities available in the area. At Suvretta House gentleman are required to wear a suit and tie in the evenings in every area of the hotel, seeking to maintain its alluring classic luxury.