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The Caribbean is known as the quintessential tropical retreat. Known for its stunning white sandy beaches and glittering azure water, Saint-Barthelémy is world famous for these heavenly reasons.

Anguilla has a more relaxed approach than Saint-Barthelémy. Housing some of the most exclusive resorts in the Carribean Anguilla prides itself on discretion and luxury whilst supplying unbroken views from the northernmost position in the Leeward Islands.

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Mythical Status & Relaxed Atmosphere

The Caribbean Islands, roughly 700 in total, have an almost mythical status in the lore of the region as the crème de la crème of the world. Saint-Barthelémy has become a destination for the world’s elite who seek excitement as well as rest and relaxation. Sweden, Britain and most recently France have influenced the culture of this island, but Saint-Barthelémy retains a markedly French ambience. Saint Barth’s as its known in English has now become home to some of the most discerning and well-known nightlife venues in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean became home or second home to many of the worlds most reputable people. Nowhere is there a better example of this than on Mustique. Mustique was purchased in 1958 by Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner and has since that date been regarded as one of the most exclusive retreats in the world. Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth of England, accepted as a wedding gift a ten-acre plot of land on Mustique and built a magnificent villa called Les Jolies Eaux. Anguilla has a more relaxed approach than Saint-Barthelémy. Housing some of the most exclusive resorts in the Carribean Anguilla prides itself on discretion and luxury whilst supplying unbroken views from the northernmost position in the Leeward Islands.

Necker Island is a 74 acre island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, famous for his Virgin brand, and it is part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of luxury properties. These five islands (Saint-Barthelémy, Mustique, Anguilla, Barbados and Necker) are mentioned in this guide for their renowned history of world-class luxury in the Caribbean. These five islands stood out from the many utopian destinations that can be found in the Caribbean due to their exclusivity, culinary prowess and flawless beaches and scenery.

The islands are well known for their relaxed atmosphere and it is reflected in the culture of the Caribbean. Saint-Barthelémy is known throughout the Caribbean as being the proud owner of the most exclusive venues, however, it is also the home to one of the best snorkeling beaches in the region. Anse de Colombier is a cove protected by hills keeping the water calm and therefore ideal for snorkeling. Only accessible by trail, this sultry, secluded paradise is the perfect place to enjoy the crystal clear water and a picnic in unadulterated privacy.

Anguilla has a thriving reggae scene, started by its favourite son Banky Banks. One of the preeminent musicians in his genre Banks has run the Moonsplash Music Festival on the island in his bar the Dune Preserve since 1991. This internationally recognized festival has seen the likes of Jimmy Buffet, David Bryan of Bon Jovi and Rita Marley attend along with many more. Banks is a local legend and can be seen regularly in Anguilla’s hotspots.

Elite Institutions

Saint-Barthelémy is the island most well known for its nightlife and does not disappoint with a number of elite institutions catering to the international jetset. Nestled on the beach of Saint-Jean, Nikki Beach St. Barth is a luxurious haven for the world’s jet-set clientele bringing celebration, sophistication and excitement to the island. Modeled after the same European minimalist, contemporary look and feel as the brand’s other locations around the world; Nikki Beach St. Barth is simplistic in beauty with all-white plush sun beds, chic drapery and the brand’s trademark teepees throughout the beach club.

Le Yacht Club is one of St. Barth’s hottest nightspots. At this chic venue, run by one of the Caribbean’s best-known restaurateurs, you will regularly see world famous celebrities relaxing and sipping on chilled champagne. If you are seeking a lavish and extravagant party look no further than Le Yacht Club.

Unique Culinary Tradition

Caribbean fare is an eclectic mix of cooking cultures with an island spin, creating a unique gourmet culinary tradition. Blanchards Restaurant first opened its tall, teal shutters on the island of Anguilla in 1994. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens with the sea just a few steps beyond, guests dine by candlelight under lazy ceiling fans and rustling palms. The cuisine is creative and sophisticated with flavors from the Caribbean, Asia, America and the Mediterranean. The wine list is a Wine Spectator award-winner and yet, the atmosphere is as comfortable as can be.

Hotel Le Toiny St Barth's Restaurant Le Gaiac is helmed by a Chef that is a culinary artist known for his accomplished cuisine that represents a masterful blend of innovative French cuisine with local flavors. The Chef is passionate and always inspired. His team, and that of M. Pierre Grall, the Restaurant Manager welcome you to the St Barth Restaurant Le Gaiac any day of the week.

Surrounding Natural Beauty

The resplendence of the Caribbean speaks for itself, recognizing this, luxury resorts on the islands combine world-class accommodation with their surrounding natural beauty. Privacy and exclusivity define Hotel Le Toiny St Barth. Situated in the area of the island referred to as the "Côte Sauvage", the 15 pastel-colored bungalows, called Luxury Private Villa Suites, are set on a gentle slope overlooking the Bay of Toiny, the virgin white sand Toiny Beach, and the azure blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Regardless of the name you choose, whether St. Barths, St. Barth, St. Bart, St. Barts, or St. Barthelemy - Hotel Le Toiny St Barth stands unequaled as a private enclave of villas offering 5-star service that caters to the guest's every whim.

In 1978, an avid sailor purchased Peter Island after sailing past it several years before. He then established the world-class resort that exists today and lived on the island to ensure that every aspect of the resort was perfect and that the island’s beauty and serenity were preserved. His commitment lives on to this day, and his children still oversees every aspect of Peter Island Resort & Spa, preserving both their father’s legacy and the resort’s most important amenity: the pristine natural beauty of the island itself. There is no other place like it anywhere in the world. And certainly no other place like it if you’re seeking a true British Virgin Islands vacation.

Throughout the Viceroy Anguilla resort, modern architectural forms interplay with the natural environment, while sophisticated, contemporary interiors by designer Kelly Wearstler add rich textural contrast. The resort's signature restaurant, Cobà, offers dining with exquisite views of Barnes Bay and Meads Bay, and the dramatic bay-view Sunset Lounge and cliffside Half Shell beach bar and restaurant add to the culinary offerings at this stunning luxury Caribbean resort. Two white sand beaches, a glimmering Sunset Pool, an array of water sports and a spa and fitness center all add to this rarefied experience.

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