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Rome’s lasting position as the birthplace of modern civilization has earned it the title of ‘the eternal city.’ Central to the brilliance of the Italian Renaissance, Rome has occupied an esteemed position for over two millennia.

Responsible for many of the greatest human innovations, Rome was the seat of global power for centuries, a feat that has since never been repeated.

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The Seat of Global Power for centuries & The Seat of the Italian Renaissance

Very few cities, if any, can claim to have had an impact on world history in the same way that Rome has.
Responsible for many of the greatest human innovations, Rome was the seat of global power for centuries, a feat that has since never been repeated. The founding of Rome has been set in legend. Ancient Roman historians attributed the founding of the great city to Romulus and Remus, suckled by a she-wolf as children; these brothers founded a settlement on the banks of the Tiber. Famously only Romulus would survive the early years of the towns founding and resultantly had it named after himself, Rome.

A line of seven Kings of Rome ended when the republic began and the Senate became the most powerful political body responsible for ruling the growing City State. During this storied period Rome accumulated vast wealth and power becoming the foremost Italian city on the peninsula. An act of defiance by the fabled Julius Caesar ended the rule of the republic and turned Rome into an empire ruled by one man. At the peak of the Roman Empire this glorious city was renowned for its awe-inspiring feats of human achievement. The Colosseum and Circus Maximus presided over a truly imperial city littered with buildings that even today evoke wonderment inside those in their presence. The Italian Renaissance that has provided us today with such timeless art masterpieces began in Florence but shifted to Rome with the patronage of Pope Alexander VI.

Rome’s art and cultural scene flourished during this period and Rome is now the proud home of eternally renowned pieces of art such as the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo and Raphael’s the School of Athens. When in Rome you will unquestionably be instilled with a sense of all that Rome has achieved as a city and the impact that it has had on the rest of human history.

With such a long and illustrious history Rome deserves its reputation as one of the most culturally enlightened cities in the world. A trip to Rome is not complete without visiting The Vatican, the independent State and head of the Roman Catholic Church. Although resplendent architecture has made the buildings a destination in themselves, the real beauty is found within the secretive walls of the Vatican City. Beginning in the 16th century the Roman Catholic Church began accumulating and sponsoring great works of art. This collection has unsurprisingly over the centuries become one the most comprehensive and spectacular in the world and the weight of their setting lends a unique air to the Vatican Museums. This is also where the Sistine Chapel is found, famous for its frescoes painted by Michelangelo, as well as the Swiss Guard, the famous protectors of the Pope and The Vatican.

Two of Rome’s most impressive cultural pursuits can be found in one location. The Villa Borghese, a stunning example of Classical Italian architecture, is worth a trip on its own, but this sublime villa also houses the Galleria Borghese, one of Rome’s most extensive collections of art. Here you will be able to admire works by Carvaggio and Titian in the beautiful setting of Villa Borghese.

The Pantheon is considered one of the best-preserved ancient buildings in Rome and is one of the most impressive and imposing structures in a city filled with architectural beauty. Built by Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century CE The Pantheon was converted into a church in the 7th century and remains a church to this day, housing the tombs of master painter Raphael and the United Italy’s first king Vittorio Emanuelle II. The Monumento Nazionale e Vittorio Emanuelle, although hard to miss due to its elevated position, is an example of a more contemporary but no less magnificent architectural masterpiece built to honor the first King of Italy.

A Nightlife of Fashion Executives

Rome’s nightlife is dominated by fashion executives, therefore it is no surprise the nightlife venues reflect their chic guests. Jackie O is a Rome institution that has been inhabited by celebrities and the international jet set community for decades. The whole venue has been designed to evoke emotion, this is no more evident than in the evening when you enter the discoteca.

La Maison is Rome’s most exclusive nightclub. Rome’s aristocracy are joined by the biggest names in the fashion industry at this ultra chic nightlife venue that unashamedly provides the most exciting party in town. A sultry interior is a reflection of the beautiful people that inhabit the venue at night.

The Simplicity of Fresh Ingredients

Italian cuisine is known globally for its fresh ingredients and simplicity, a combination that has made it adored by many. In Rome you will find some of the best examples of this delicious dining tradition. Agata E Romeo is a highly acclaimed restaurant run by married couple Agata Parisella and Romeo Caraccio. Although the emphasis is on the gourmet cuisine, the interior is elegantly refined and creates an overpowering sense of intimacy in this Roman staple. An endless selection of fine wines serves to complete your experience at this exceptional fine dining restaurant.

Il Pagliaccio’s cuisine is refined, unique and unmistakable. The menu shows creativity and the experience of a lifetime. It takes the world into the fusion of different tastes and flavours made by Anthony Genovese, with Francesco Di Lorenzo, for years at his side. With only 11 tables this conceptual restaurant has been designed for an elegant and intimate dining experience, an ambience that has unquestionably been achieved. Il Pagliaccio has become a powerhouse of the ultra competitive fine dining scene in Rome.

One of the best restaurants in Rome, if not in Italy, La Pergola is much more than just a famous menu. A wine cellar with over 53,000 bottles, a water menu with 29 choices, olive oils and vintage balsamic vinegars from the best producers in Italy, and the finest ingredients to be sourced in the Mediterranean -- all attest to the pursuit of culinary excellence. But nothing influences the character of an evening at La Pergola so much as Rome itself. Beyond the panoramic windows the Eternal City is spread beneath you. On summer evenings, on the candlelit terrace, the city shimmers; the Dome of St Peter's seems close enough to touch. In such a setting, with such a menu, La Pergola is one of the world's greatest dining experiences.

As Grand as Ancient Rome

Luxury hotels in Rome are as grand as some of the ancient buildings that they border. In these classic examples of luxury accommodation you will be pampered by with famous Italian service. The St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome is a beautiful example of classic luxury applied to the modern world. Housed in an imposing medieval building you will find a stunning example of Louis XV interiors alongside every modern luxury you could possibly require. Dripping with ornate detail this hotel has the feel of a grand Roman Villa reserved for royalty. The tireless, first class service will do nothing to diminish this sense of grandeur and importance.

For over a century The Hassler, at the top of the Spanish Steps, has been recognized as one of Europe’s legendary independently-owned luxury hotels, synonymous with the highest quality of service, attention to detail and discretion. With beautiful terraces overlooking the mesmerizing landscape of the city of Rome and world class spa, The Hassler is one of Europe's top luxury hotels and the preferred destination for society's elite and world travellers.

Since 1906, The Westin Excelsior Rome has hosted celebrities, statesmen and artists visiting the Eternal City. The hotel enjoys a prime location in the celebrated Via Veneto district, and is known for outstanding service in an exceptional setting. The Hotel is one of the cities most imposing palaces, rich in history and located on one of the most celebrated and talked about streets of Rome: the legendary Via Veneto, nestled between the Spanish steps and the Borghese Gardens & Gallery.

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