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Rolls-Royce to debut art deco collection in Paris

Art Deco was not just the golden age of architecture, it also produced some of the most beautiful automobiles ever to grace the road. Marques like Bugatti and king of the road Rolls-Royce are able to trace their roots, and some of their most beautiful products to that period. The look synonymous with the sophistication and glamour of the 1920s ardently goes hand in hand with the luxe of Rolls-Royce and the beautiful lines of their cars. Rolls-Royce is now keen to revive this era with a new series of special editions. Although little has been released in the way of details there is no doubt that there will be some unique versions of the Phantom and/or Ghost lines to delight us. The cars were teased in three Rolls-Royce posters that the automaker says reference the “style that defined one of the world’s most glamorous and exciting design movements.”

It can be deduced from these campaign posters that it is likely Rolls-Royce will be recreating something similar to their Aviator Collection that was debuted last month. The British luxury automaker will reveal its new Art Deco collection at a champagne reception at  the Paris Motor Show on September 27th. It’s fitting that Rolls-Royce has chosen to show the cars in Paris, it being known as starting point and indeed the home for Art Deco, the collection will undoubtedly be one to watch.



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