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Ristorante Ora d’Aria, Florence


Dining as at the heart of Italian culture, and Ora d’Aria is proud of its sterling reputation amongst the finest restaurants in Florence. Chef Marco Stabile and his team were appointed a Michelin Star in December 2011 as credit to their desire of turning food preparation into a form of art.

Ora d’Aria has created its menu with a view to combine the depth, quality and integrity of Italian cooking with their belief that continuous evolution is the key to success. Some of the favoured dishes served include maccheroni soufflé, urchin risotto and caviar-and-chocolate dessert.

Ora d’Aria, meaning ‘hour of air’, is an elegant and innovative restaurant with its bustling kitchen visible from the street through a large window.

Ristorante Ora d'Aria

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These connotations of freedom reflect the modern and innovative approach the chef and his team have taken to cooking classic Tuscan food, never feeling the limitations that can sometimes come hand-in-hand with tradition.

Ambience is an important part of the dining experience at Ora d’Aria. The ground floor dining room has bright and vibrant décor, whereas diners looking for a more private and intimate dining experience can be seated at the tables in the basement with a view of the impressive wine cellars.

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