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Rico’s Kunststuben, Zurich


Originally an art gallery, Rico’s Kunststuben is appropriately named. Although transformed into a contemporary gastronomic delight, Rico’s Kunststuben still retains its artistic semblance, and as a result has become an internationally celebrated restaurant.

Guests are invited to enjoy the exquisite cuisine, skillfully prepared by the world renowned Rico Zandonella, which, combined with the impeccable service, provides for an outstanding experience.

The beautiful leather embossed red interior portrays luxury and elegance. Combined with rich wooden embellishments and contemporary artistic flourishes, the restaurant’s interior is as aesthetically pleasing as the dishes that are served within it.

Rico's Kunststuben

  • Rico's Kunststuben
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Guests can choose from a thoughtfully designed menu of French cuisine that is as artistically prepared as the work that the building once held. A beautiful restaurant that provides for a truly luxurious evening, perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

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