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Restaurant Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo


Restaurant Cala di Volpe is situated within the Cala di Volpe Hotel, a tourist gem within the Emerald Coast. The 200 strong capacity eatery is synonymous with Mediterranean fine dining at its best. As an award-winning restaurant, Cala di Volpe offers impeccable service, famed desserts and a picturesque rural setting.

Due to the restaurant’s beautiful seaside location, guests can expect only the freshest seafood, with dishes including fresh Sardinian malloreddus dumplings with scampi, clams and courgette flowers.

Restaurant Cala di Volpe

  • Restaurant Cala di Volpe
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Executive Chef Franco Guardone’s speciality however is considered to be his buffet, inspired by Sardinian culinary traditions using locally sourced produce such as meat, fish and cheese antipasti. Pastry Chef Antonio Vallana also has his equally inspiring dessert selection, which features Italian home-made gelatos and stewed fruit compotes.

Restaurant Cala di Volpe ensures that guests of all ages are catered for. Offering a designated children’s dining area, parents can indulge in an intimate moment away without feeling guilty. The maître d’ will accommodate to your child’s specific dietary needs.

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