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Real Madrid v Barcelona, La Liga, Santiago Bernabéu, 25 Oct 2014


The top two European football teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, are set to play against each other in the Spanish football league, La Liga, on 25th of October 2014 in Madrid, Spain. This match is widely known as the ‘El Clásico’ and is one of the fiercest rivalries in world football.

The rivalry comes about as Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain, and the two clubs are among the richest and most successful football clubs in the world. Real Madrid leads the head to head results in competitive matches with 91 wins to Barcelona’s 88. Barcelona leads the count in official titles won with 81 trophies (the three Inter-Cities Fairs Cup’s won by Barcelona are included since the tournament is the predecessor of the UEFA Cup and recognized by FIFA), while Real Madrid has won 78 trophies. Along with Athletic Bilbao, they are the only clubs in La Liga to have never been relegated.

Earlier this year, Real Madrid came out top in an intense Copa de Rey final against Barcelona, as Gareth Bale scored a sensational late winning goal to increase Barcelona’s misery. However, this season anticipates both teams to be in top form, so don’t miss the excitement this October.

25 Oct 2014

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Santiago Bernabéu Hospitality

Enjoy the unique opportunities that Real Madrid Hospitality makes available to you, your business and your guests, such as the chance of becoming an exceptional witness to extraordinary events; moments that are rendered exclusive by a wide and renewed selection of preferential services.

GC Privé in association with Real Madrid wishes to welcome you to a once in a lifetime experience. For information and booking reservations for VIP Boxes at the Santiago Bernabéu, please contact GC Privé Concierge on +44 207 590 3022 or by email at:

Outdoor Boxes (12 – 18 seats per box)

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium’s outdoor boxes offer true luxury seating thanks to being located between the Presidential Balcony and the team benches, most likely turning them into the stadium’s most privileged seats also because of their proximity to the pitch. Following a match from one of the outdoor boxes is a unique and special experience thanks to TV monitors, catering service and easy access.

Grandstand Boxes (8 – 20 seats per box)

The grandstand boxes at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium exude great character and tradition. Located on the first tier of what used to be the legendary Chamartín Stadium, they offer clients quick and comfortable access via the stadium gates. They are the perfect place from which to experience all of the game’s emotion and get a close look at this great spectacle’s true protagonists: the players.

1st Tier Boxes (6-23 seats per box)

The stadium’s first tier offers, without a shadow of a doubt, the best view of the pitch. Clients may watch, experience and take delight in these boxes thanks to – amongst other services – having private access from exclusive Corporate Hospitality panoramic lifts, luxury common areas with excellent catering services, a private drinks bar, and TV screens to see the game in full detail.

1st Tier Zen Market Restaurant Boxes (12-20 seats per box)

The boxes in Zen Market, the stadium’s new and exclusive Asian cuisine restaurant, give true meaning to the expression ‘Asian luxury’. These boxes offer an excellent view of the pitch, Real Madrid Corporate Hospitality’s taste for detail and the luxury, refinement and cuisine of a restaurant whose calling is to become the first choice for those who want different and unique experiences.

1st Tier Area Blanca (10-14 seats per box)

These boxes are definitely located in one of the best areas of the stadium and one of the most modern and exclusive sections of the 1st tier. They feature state-of-the-art furniture, their own drinks bars, TV screens and private toilet facilities. There are many ways to see a football match, but thanks to an insuperable combination of design, elegance, privileged location and personal service, clients will soon discover that none quite compares to this.

2nd Tier Boxes (7 – 20 seats per box)

Despite being somewhat smaller in size than 1st tier boxes, those in the 2nd tier can comfortably accommodate 7-20 people. They were conceived to offer the full football experience with the services and attention only available to Real Madrid Corporate Hospitality clients.

3rd Tier Boxes (7-14 seats per box)

Spacious, comfortable, accessed via exclusive Corporate Hospitality lifts and featuring large anteroom areas, these boxes are the stadium’s true viewpoints, offering a unique perspective of the pitch and the atmosphere on the stands thanks to their high location.

Tower Boxes (20 seats per box)

Towers house the most exclusive boxes at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. There are five luxurious boxes in total, all featuring access via private lifts, an interior drinks bar and private toilet facilities. Each has three rows from which clients enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the entire stadium’s interior.

Asador de la Esquina Restaurant Hospitality

Located on the east stand, next to the south stand, giving it an excellent view of the south goal, where Real Madrid scores most of their strikes each season. The Asador de la Esquina features a modern hospitality area with first rate service, making it a very appetizing option for clients.

Section 409 Suite and VIP Box

Located on the upper end of the west stand’s 2nd tier, seats of Section 409 boast an excellent view of the pitch and share common and hospitality areas with 2nd tier boxes. The trophy room is also used as a hospitality suite. Section 409 is the perfect option for those who don’t want to miss out on the atmosphere on the stands while still enjoying special treatment.

Real Café Hospitality Area

One of the most special seating sections, this exclusive hospitality area is located just outside the Real Café’s large glass wall. The dining service represents a perfect combination of avant-garde gastronomy. Its great proximity to the pitch, next to the stands that feature Real Madrid’s youngest supporters, allows clients to feel just like a regular fan.